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>> Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Sweetest Baboo,
you are changing so much that I just need to take a few minutes to write down what you're up to these days. I can hardly believe how fast you're growing up. It makes me so proud and so sad at the same time. But mostly proud.
These days you are pulling up to stand a LOT on couches, chairs, laundry baskets, toys, you name it. You love to stand. You've also started letting go for a split second at a time, but as soon as you realize you're standing on your own, you sit down immediately. It's precious.
You also really have a mind of your own now. You don't like it if I take you away from daddy, or if daddy takes you away from me, or if anyone takes you away from either of us. You only want to CHOOSE where you go, you don't want to be told.
You love going out of the apartment, and as soon as we step out the door into the hall you squeal with excitement because you know that we're going out. Amazingly, though, you also squeal with excitement as soon as we come back into the building, because you are excited to be home.
When you hear your dad's keys in the hall after a day of hanging out at home with me, you immediately perk up and start laughing because you know that your dad is home to play with you.
My favourite new development, though, is that you now LOVE having a book read to you. A month or two ago, you would just take the book and close it and try to eat it. But now you get excited when you even see a book, and even though you take it sometimes in the middle of the story to check it out, you fuss when we stop reading until we start again.
Your favourite book is Mr.Brown Can Moo, Can You? But you pretty much love being read any story. Especially when we read in funny, dramatic voices. I love that you are a bookworm, just like Mom and Dad. I've been stocking your very own shelves with books for you in the hopes that you would follow our love of reading. It makes me so happy because you will learn so much and use your imagination so much if you continue to cherish books.
You are my most favourite favourite.
We can't imagine our lives without you, and we don't even want to try.
You are a wonderful, curious, active, non-sleeping through the night little miracle and we are crazy about you.
Love, mom



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