Happy birthday, mom. Sorry your family sucks.

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today is my mom's birthday. And in true psycho-family fashion, it is already a fiasco. For over a week, the hubbs and I have been trying to organize people and figure out what we're doing today. But my family likes to fly by the seat of their pants, are never organized, and things always end up going horribly because of it.

For instance, on my sister's birthday last month, we were all supposed to get together for lunch and cake at my parents' house. My sister had plans that night. We were supposed to do dinner, but my father had to go to "work" (read: get-rich quick scheme) , so we decided we'd do lunch and then she'd go to her thing. His get-rich-quick meeting got cancelled, so we could have done dinner, but he didn't tell anyone that.

Anyway. We all get there at one, like we planned, and my parents had spent all morning at church and hadn't done anything for my sister's lunch. Nothing was made, and she had plans that afternoon. She wanted to go, and then come back afterwards and do dinner (since it was now possible because the meeting was cancelled), but by the time she got home, our sweet Baboo would have been a mess (he gets really cranky at night) so we wound up just having cake, then she came back and had dinner with my parents afterwards. It really sucked and she cried and we were all really irritated and my "father" refused to apologize or admit that it was any of his fault. He refused to admit that he should have told us his meeting was cancelled, and refused to admit that he shouldn't have gone to church and instead stayed home and prepared my sister's birthday lunch.

This ALWAYS happens with my family. ALWAYS. This is why The Hubbs and I plan two celebrations--one with them that gets ruined, and one with just the three of us that doesn't get ruined. We have two thanksgivings, two easters, two birthdays, two Christmases, and this year we are planning on having two mothers days as well.

Today is my mom's birthday. And my sister "might" be working smack in the middle of the only window of time that we can get together to eat. 12-7. Ridiculous, especially because it's not like my mom's birthday is a new thing--TAKE THE DAY OFF! She claims she didn't know we were going out, and she says that she  doesn't even know that she IS working for sure--she has to call in and find out. Ugh.

My "father" (and I use the term loosely), learned nothing from my sister's birthday fiasco and is going in to "work" this morning. He promises he will be back by noon, but all of his promises are made to be broken and it would be a miracle if he was back by two.

I had very strong words for him. I told him that if he ruined my mother's birthday, after the horrible year that she has had, I wouldn't forgive him. I told him he had BETTER be back when he says he will (which he won't).

If my mother's birthday gets ruined this year, I will be very, very unforgiving towards both my "father" and my sister. I really hope and pray that everything works out. But what I'd really like to give her for her birthday is a divorce. Too bad a third party can't enforce such things.

Happy birthday, mom. Sorry your family sucks.


Kate West April 13, 2010 at 7:11 PM  

I'm sorry girl. That sucks.

If it helps...all families are dysfunctional on different levels. Mine included!

The Psycho Mama April 14, 2010 at 6:50 AM  

Thanks. It does help a little lol.


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