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>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

I got my first blog award! Yay!

I got it from a lovely lady over at
She is nuts over comments, so go over and say hi!

The rules of this award are that you tell ten things about yourself, and then pass the award on to some other bloggers I love.
I LOVE to talk about myself (Really? A blogger who loves to talk about herself!? Get out!), so this shouldn't be too hard:

1) I love jewelry but I only wear my wedding ring now. My Sweet Baboo has managed to both rip one of my necklaces right off my neck, and pull one of my earrings right out of my ear. Ouch.

2) My favourite ice cream is moose tracks. It is delicious. Peanut butter cups, chocolate ripples, what more could you want?
3) I just got my first pair of glasses. I need them for reading. Apparently spending so much time in front of the computer has compromised my eyesight.

4) One thing I would LOVE to do would be to stay in a really fancy hotel for a night. I have never stayed in a really, really nice hotel before.

5) On special occasions, I buy champange or wine. And then I drink it. And then I wonder why I bought it. I still have teenager tastes when it comes to alcohol, apparently, because I would honestly rather drink a $6 bottle of Arbor Mist. It makes both my mouth AND my wallet happy.

6) As a spin-off to number five, I sometimes forget how old I am. Like, the other day I was filling out a survey, and I wrote that I was 22. Um, I am not. I'm totally turning 25 this summer. Yet I am still 19 on the inside.
7)  I miss writing songs, and one of my projects for this summer is to sit down with my guitar and write a song for my kiddo. All that love has gotta be good for at least one decent piece of music, right?

8) I am slightly worried that the world is going to end in 2012. I can't help it. I would really like to get out of this crappy apartment and travel the world and become successful and watch my child grow up and have kids and grand kids and junk. Please don't end, world.

9) I like pina coladas. And getting caught in the rain. Actually, no. I dislike pina coladas. And whilst getting caught in the rain sounds nice in theory, I actually really hate the feeling of wet clothes on my body. So sue me. I do, however, love the smell of the rain.

10) I have an 8:30 bedtime. I am exhausted by that time every night. Sweet Baboo goes to bed at 8:30 and I go with him. It's sad, really.

Now for ten bloggers I enjoy:

1) Brooke at I have been following the lives of Charlie and Lily since they were in the NICU, and I absolutely love this blog. Brooke and her husband are so upbeat and strong, even in the face of extreme adversity.
2) Busted at Head over there to hear honest writing about such heart-wrenching topics as infertility, losing a child, and parenting anxiety.
3) Kelle at I have written about her on this blog before, but I just love her writing and photos.
4) Laura at Embracing Elijah is a strong and inspirational woman. Her not-yet-born baby has been diagnosed with Trisonomy 13, and she is giving him all the love she possibly can while he's still with her.
5) Family Synthesis is an intro into the world of Fostering to Adopt. I love reading about the latest challenges and joys that come with building a family this way.
6) Mama Quiere Beso is a dedicated Mama who still manages to remind us to look for balance.

Check them out!



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