101 in 1001

101 Things to do in 1001 Days
(Cause you gotta have goals)

1)Learn to crochet and complete at least 5 projects

2)Make an alphabet book for Baboo for his first birthday present

3)Collect and perfect (or create) 10 new recipes (9/10)

4)Make at least one DVD every 6 months of Baboo's life (2/5)

5)Do a photoshoot of Baboo every month until he's a year old (12/12)

6)Get professional family photos taken

7)Take first family vacation (Hubbs, Baboo and I)

8) Take a yoga class

9) Get a massage

10) Enroll Baboo in swimming lessons

11)Finish my psych degree

12) Make Baboo a texture book

13) Make a Christmas Star

14) Learn to sew at least well enough to patch something or re-attach a button

15) Take Baboo to see Santa

16) Open an Registered Education Saving Plan for Baboo

17) Open an RSP

18) Get life insurance for Baboo (because if he develops an illness later in life he could become uninsurable, so getting it while he's a baby will ensure that he and the future family he may have will always be protected)

19) Read ten books (10/10)

20) Go to a film festival

21) See a live music performance

22) Breastfeed Baboo until the end of flu season (March 2010)

23) Take Baboo to the beach and let him feel the sand

24) Visit with friends from out of town

25) Make a charitable donation in my son's name

26) Take Baboo camping

27) Visit with family from out of town

28) Make or bake Christmas gifts

29) Make Christmas ornaments with Baboo

30) Join a Mom's group

31) Secret goal number thirty-one, which is so embarrassing that I will reveal it only after it is completed

32) Spend a night away with the Hubbs (sans Baboo)

33) Refinish a piece of furniture

34) Make a piece of jewelry

35) Write a petition

36) Write my m.p. about an issue that is important to me

37) Get Baboo a lovey

38) Pay off visa

39) Pay off personal debt

40) Learn to do one winter activity with Baboo (ice skating, snow shoeing, skiing, etc)

41) Publish something (anything)

42) Do the 365 photo challenge, starting January 1 2010

43) Make some art for Baboo's room

44) Try hot buttered rum

45) Plan a 1st birthday celebration for Baboo

46) Make friends with at least one other couple with kids

47) Open an on-line shop

48) Make a ringsling

49) Take Baboo to the zoo

50) Take Baboo to at least 3 Early Years Programs (2/3)

51) Take Baboo to Niagara Falls

52) Go shopping in the U.S. and Take advantage of Target

53) Make a photobook or album of my pregnancy photos

54) Make an artsy photo wall in our house

55) Do a cast, ink print or painting of Baboo's hand or foot prints

56) Try holiday drinks at Starbucks besides the Peppermint Mocha

57) Take Baboo to Ontario Place

58) Buy Baboo musical instruments

59) Take Baboo out on a sled in the snow

60) Get a Library Card

61) Eat at a new Resturaunt

62) Fill out Baboo's Baby Book

63) Make a blanket out of Baboo's newborn clothes

64) Attend husband's Graduation

65) Do something to celebrate my Graduation

66) Subscribe to Chatelaine for a year

67) Aquire membership to print your own childrens book club

68) Put up art in our house

69) Make own Babyfood

70) Watch It's A Wonderful Life

71) Read Dante's Inferno

72) Read Donald Miller's A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

73) Read I Was Teenaged Katimavictim

74) Do Want, Need, Wear, Read one Christmas

75) Buy something cashmere

76) Go to the movies with Hubbs at least once

77) Finish "Are You Talking to Me" devotional

78) Attend church an average of once a month (6/33 times in 1001 days)

79) Shop at a Farmers Market

80) Give up something for Lent

81) Learn to play 10 kids songs on the recorder (6/10)

82) Learn to play 10 kids songs on the guitar (0/10)

83) Make a list of 100 things I love about my baby

84) Make a list of 100 things I love about my husband

85) Make a list of 100 things to be grateful for

86) Make a list of 100 things I like about myself

87) Buy a bottle of the perfume I wore on my wedding day, but don't own, because I forgot mine and had to borrow a friend's

88) Move blog to wordpress

89) Write a poem for Baboo

90) Write a story for Baboo

91) Get a part-time, seasonal or contract job to make extra money

92) Stick to Til Debt Do Us Part Budget for at least 6 months

93) Get will and guardianship papers notarized

94) Baby-proof the apartment

95) Buy a new camera

96) Do a painting on canvas

97) Fill a bookshelf with books for my son

98) Put together emergency kit for the car and house

99) Play games as family once a month (6/33)

100) Finish Baboo's Nursery (!)

101) Take a class for something I am interested in (glass-blowing, pottery, cooking, spanish, etc).

In progress goals are italicized.
Completed goals are crossed out



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