Problem Solved

>> Sunday, December 20, 2009

Someone just showed me this:

Yay! This is the perfect solution to our sleeping issues. We can keep our Sweet Baboo close while still getting to have our bed to ourselves (so the Hubbs won't end up moving to the futon in the middle of the night half the time), and we don't have to move him to his own room yet. It was either move him to his own room and get an Angelcare Monitor so that we can know he's okay (paranoid mama!) or buy an Arms Reach Co-sleeper. The co-sleepers are so expensive, though, and can only be used until the baby is 23 lbs, so this IKEA Gulliver option is much better. We can use it for as long as we want, and when we're ready for him to go into his own room we can transition him in the same bed he was using in our room. Yay! Plus, I love IKEA and now I have another excuse to go there and do some extra shopping.



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