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>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have made some more progress on my list of 101 Things to do in 1001 days. It is so gratifying to be meeting goals! I love nothing more than being able to scratch items of a to-do list, especially a list of things that I actually want to do, as opposed to just a shopping list or list of errands. Without further ado...

The Update:

#6--we got professional family photos done. We posted an add on Craigs List saying that we were a family on a budget requesting a photographer looking for people to photograph for their portfolio, and let me say, we got TONS of responses. It was actually kind of ridiculous. We would up finding a great photographer who came and did both indoor portraits of us in our home, and more casual outdoor photos in the woods beside our house, and we are thrilled with the pictures. We would up using them on our Christmas card and everything. So if you're like me, and you find studio portraits to be kind of cheesy and contrived, but you can't afford to pay an established professional photographer to come out and take pictures of your family, I would highly suggest you try Craigslist. Our photos were free, and we just tipped her what we could afford.

#3--This Christmas I made three new recipes for my family, so I am making progress on goal number three. I made Homemade Turtles, a Pillsbury Christmas Tree, and Cheese balls. This also took care of #28, as I gave away the Turtles as well as chocolate covered pretzels as Christmas gifts.

                                                               Pillsbury Christmas Tree:

Cheese Balls:

#15--We took our Sweet Baboo to a breakfast with Santa, and it was great! It was much better than waiting in line for 2 hours to pay $25 for a picture. Instead we paid $10, all got breakfast, and got to hang out with Santa. Plus there was limited registration, so there were only 10 families there, which was great. No germy crowds to worry about in flu season. I highly recommend it.

#30--I don't know if this goal has been completed yet, but its underway. I attended my first mom's group and it was great, so once I finish out the season (it resumes in January and ends in May), then I will consider myself to have completed this goal. Hopefully I'll walk away with some friends and continue going once it starts up again in September.

#53-The photobook I ordered from Shutterfly is here! I am happy that I now have these memories of my pregnancy and first days with my son in print form, but I ordered a soft cover book and now wish I'd ordered a hard cover. They are much more professional-looking and durable, which is important since I am hoping to cherish these photos forever, and keep them not only for me and my children, but for their children as well. Just a heads up!

#55--I had a gift certificate to Wee Piggies and Paws, so I got a cast done of our Sweet Baboo's hand. It looks GREAT! It came out much better than I expected. We got a heart shaped one done and we love it. It is now hanging proudly on our living room wall.

#56 was try a holiday drink at Starbucks other than the Peppermint Mocha--I tried the Starbucks Creme Brulee Latte! It was allright! After that, though, I discovered the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate at Tim Hortons, and it definitely wins my vote for best holiday drink! Plus, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg--always an added bonus! I think I got one every time I went out to run an errand this holiday season.

#58--goal 58 was buy musical instruments for our son, and he is now to proud owner of a Tabourine! He mostly just chews on it, but he does enjoy the sounds it makes!

#62 was to fill out our son's baby book. Seeing as I didn't have a baby book for him, it was kind of difficult. I've just been keeping track of his milestones on a list at the side of this blog so I wouldn't forget, and yesterday The Hubbs and I went to Chapters for their hardcover sale and I picked out an awesome baby book that I LOVE.

 It has a literary theme to it, with quotes from classic childrens' books like "The Little Red Hen", "Charlotte's Web", "Hop on Pop" and "Oh, The Places You'll Go" in it. The illustrations are also just darling. I can't wait to fill it out with facts and pictures. I will not do what my mom did and procrastinate! My baby book is the saddest looking thing you've ever seen. It has one picture and a couple lines filled in here and there, but mostly its empty. Oh, mom.

#95 was buy a new camera, which The Hubbs took care of for me this Christmas! I am so excited and thrilled to finally have a D-SLR, and there will be a blog post in the near future of reasons why I love my new camera, complete with photo comparisons from my old point and shoot and my new Canon 30D!

So far I think the completion of this list is going well! I can't wait until I have crossed off all 101!



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