How's This for a Hint?

>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

As promised, here is a list of the things that I ask for every year for Christmas as an adult but never get. Apparently men can't take the hint. (HOW"S THIS FOR A HINT????)

What man wouldn't want to be instructed to pick out lingerie, you ask? Why, that would be my husband. I would love to receive something like this, but he hates going into those stores. Le sigh. He can't find the right sizes, is too embarassed to ask for help, and honestly feels a little creepy. So if I want to dress up sexy and sing "Santa Baby" for the holidays, I have to pick out the attire myself.

I love the idea of giving a gift that's an experience, rather than a thing. I would be thrilled to get a gift certificate to a community centre to do some kind of class. What women wouldn't want to be given the gift of "me time"? Especially now that I'm a mom, a gift like this would be sooo appreciated. I guarantee you that it won't be one of the things that I unwrap, though. Maybe it'll be a New Years present from myself to myself.

Along with the theme of experiences, is a night in a fancy hotel or bed and breakfast. Who wouldn't want to be whisked away on a surprise vacay with the object of their affection? Well, it was like pulling teeth to even get The Hubbs to book a hotel for our wedding night. He apparently has issues comitting to a venue. I won't hold my breath for this one!

A concert, a play, or some kind of live performance is one of my favourite things to do on a date. When The Hubbs and I were still dating we went to this great dinner theatre, and I've been begging him to go back ever since!

I'm pretty sure a spa day would be the best gift ever! Especially since carrying this chubby baby around is murder on the muscles and I barely have time to wash my face, let alone get a facial!

For some reason I have always wanted a diamond snowflake to wear in the winter. It's Christmassy without being tacky, and after all, it suits me! I'm one of a kind! (Or maybe just flakey).

Cashmere, baby! Nuff said!

Now, the Hubbs assures me that my gift this year has taken the most effort he has ever put into a present, so I'm very interested to see what it is! I'm sure I will love it, because even though I joke around about him "never getting the hint", he actually is a pretty fantastic and thoughtful gift giver! Maybe there's a post in the near future about some of my favourite gifts I've received from him over the years. Nothing can top this one, though:

Not to be a cornball, but my little boy is the best gift ever!



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