Best. Christmas. Ever.

>> Saturday, December 26, 2009

My baby's first Christmas ever was also my best Christmas ever, for the following reasons:

1) For the first year in as long as I can remember, there was absolutely NO FIGHTING among our extended family members (my parents or sister). I think its because my father usually causes the problems, but he was on his best behaviour since my Mom has told him that she is through with him as soon as she can afford an attorney. He is trying desperately to win her back. It's really very sad (read: pathetic, not tragic). But it resulted in a very peaceful and amicable Christmas for us all. We celebrated with them on Christmas Eve so we could reserve Christmas morning and most of Christmas day for our little family of three.

2) The Hubb's parents phoned, and we actually had a friendly, casual warm conversation. I have not spoken to them in almost 2 years, and we just recently got into contact again after Baboo was born. It feels like things are getting back on the right track, and I am thankful. I just want peace, I want everyone to get along. The Hubbs also got to speak to all of his siblings for the first time since we left, and that was awesome for him. I am happy for him.

3) I got a D-SLR! A Canon 30d, to be exact! I am so stoked! D-SLRS are way out of our price range, but The Hubbs managed to find one on Ebay (he said he searched Ebay every day for a month). I'm just thrilled to finally be able to take high quality photos of my son. It is so frustrating to have a camera that you've outgrown (we had a FujiFilm prosumer point&shoot). I can't wait to learn all about it and finally be able to capture our memories in the quality in which they deserved to be captured.

4) Finally, every time I looked at our little one, my heart swelled with joy. It is simply amazing to be a mother at the holidays. It adds a whole new element to everything.  I cannot even express in words the joy that I have felt during our first family Christmas together. I have considered the Hubbs and I to be a family since before we were even engaged, but having a son does add something else to the family of two that we already were. For one thing, we are now related by blood. Our son has half The Hubbs' DNA and half mine. But I also think that its just wonderful that we are united through a common bond like never before. It's not my interests and his interests that we're trying to reconcile anymore when we make decisions. We are both driven by what's best for our little guy. He is the one thing that we both love equally, with 100% of our hearts and souls. He really is the best gift ever.

Though don't worry, I won't leave you hanging--there'll be a blog post in the near future about all the material things that were exchanged this Christmas, complete with rating system. And maybe after that there'll be a post-Christmas sales list of bargains, though we usually save our "boxing day" shopping for mid-January. The sales are even better then.

Stay tuned!



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