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>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I try my best to maintain a sense of decorum. I try to be together and in control. But sometimes it doesn't work out. And I blame my husband for that. Yes, I know, you can't blame other people for your problems, blah blah blah.

Hear me out.

Dude does NOT understand when I tell him that the conversation is over. I can tell him ten times that I cannot have this conversation anymore, that I am about to lose it, that everything he is saying is just making me angrier and angrier and he needs to back off before I become physically violent.

But he does not listen. He keeps talking. He will not stop. He won't stop making excuses, trying to dig himself out of a hole, or alternately, attempting to explain to me why this fight is really all my fault.

If I leave the room, he follows me. If I say I am too tired to do this anymore and that I need to go to bed, he follows me. If I exercise my right to remain silent, he pushes and pushes and pushes me until I say, in as controlled of a voice possible--


Should I swear at the father of my son? Probably not. But I kind of feel like he asked for it, and received fair warning. I still feel bad, because my kid was in the next room and probably heard me. And soon he'll be able to understand words and their meanings, and then he'll turn into a parrot repeating everything we say. I don't want him to be that kid--the one that no one lets their kids play with because they don't want their kid developing a potty mouth. So I need to learn to control myself better.

Even if it is really all my husband's fault for not taking me seriously when I tell him that I cannot. have this conversation. anymore.

Do you fight in front of your kid? Do you swear in front of your kid, and will they be allowed to swear? Is it acceptable to tell your husband to Eff Off? No? Even if he's been warned? What do you think?



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