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>> Friday, June 25, 2010

I have definitely been a blogging slacker lately. My apologies (because I'm sure you were all on the ends of your seats, haha). Things have been a tad nuts, and on top of that I've been feeling kinda "blah", so that always leads to my ambition going swiftly down hill.

First bit of news--I FINALLY graduated! Yay! It was a challenge and I will definitely recommend that Sweet Baboo finish college before he gets married and has children, but it was all worth it, because I'm done. DONNNNNNNNE!

And lately I've been thinking about all sorts of other classes I could take. Like getting my fitness instructor certification, or my doula certification, or sign language classes at the local deaf community centre. I know. I'm nuts. It's like I'm not myself unless I'm studying something. It makes sense if you think about it. I have been a student for the past twenty years, after all. But now I'm no longer a student and stay at home mom--just a stay at home mom. For some reason that's unnerving. I feel like I'm no longer doing enough or something. I know that's ridiculous, since being a Mama is a full time job, but that's how I feel.
So I've decided that this summer I am going to really throw myself into parenting, full force. There's a free program for babies starting at the community centre in July, and I'll be taking our Sweet Baboo to that once a week. I've also hooked up with a local strollercize group and will be walking every Tuesday morning, pushing my jogging stroller and stopping along the way to do lunges and junk. And I have other plans. Now that I'm a graduate, I'm going to start volunteering. I'm not quite ready to go back to work yet, but the community centre has child care for volunteers, so once a week I am going to volunteer. It'll give Baboo a chance to get used to being away from me, it'll give me a chance to pad my resume a bit, and it will also give some much-needed restoration to my sanity. I can't wait.

In other news, remember how I wrote about not having a birthday party for my Sweet Baboo? Well, scratch that. Sort of. I'm not really having a party for him, but the idea of not having anyone else help us celebrate at all made me so sad that I decided we had to do something. On his actual birthday we are still going to take a trip to the zoo, just the three of us, and its going to be glorious and intimate. But on July 3rd, we are going to have a family barbecue. My aunt is hosting it, and we are going to have cake and ice cream and balloons and sing happy birthday to our little guy.

I know my family will be late.
I know it won't be anything this spectacular, by a long shot.
But I felt like the fact that my family is imperfect should not stop me from including them in a celebration of my little guy. They are imperfect, but they are my family and I love them. Not everyone will show up. The food will be cold by the time most people get there. And we will probably have to take Our Sweet Baboo home early because he will eventually get overwhelmed in the crowded house. But that's okay. This is his family too.  He'd better get used to it.

Two weekends ago, I had a couple friends from high school come visit. It was really fun. They came on the day I finished classes, and we celebrated. We stayed up late drinking girly drinks, and the next day we did a photoshoot at the beach. In the rain. Because we're awesome like that.

Then, miraculously, I got to go see a movie. For the very first time since my son was born. I was sooo excited. Yeah, the movie didn't live up to my expectations, but it was still so nice to be out, in an air conditioned, dark theatre, with no one crawling all over me. Bliss. Too bad there wasn't nearly enough stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. WTH, Robin Hood. WTH. If I want to see a war epic, I'll rent Pearl Harbour.

After the movie, drinks and dessert. Banana splits, ice cream filled crepes, and something red, alcohol filled, and delicious. I love my besties. We have plans to go visit them in August, when The Hubbs has a couple weeks off school before the fall semester commences. He's such a smart little fast-tracker. I need to support his constant studying, because his brain keeps us in scholarships, which keeps me in the best job in the world for right now--stay at home mom.


Tamara July 1, 2010 at 10:28 AM  

Congrats on your graduation!


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