Musings from the Mom of an Almost One-Year-Old (Part IV)

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

A mini-series featuring my thoughts on going from the AP mom of a baby to the AP mom of a toddler.
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Here are just a few thoughts that don't have enough substance to deserve their own post, so I've combined them here.

Baby-wearing. We love it, he loves it. But our son is heavy, and I am petite, and I have back problems. Its getting really painful to have him in the baby-carrier for long periods of time, even though we've invested in a high quality, expensive Ergo. What's a mom to do?

We've been trying to get him used to his stroller. We have actually used his stroller since birth, but once he was two or three months old, he started to get frustrated because he was leaning back in the infant seat and couldn't see or look around.

We thought that problem would disappear once we transitioned him into the other part of the stroller. He does okay in it, but after awhile he starts to fuss and wants out. I think part of the reason may be that he can't see us. I really wish we'd invested in a stroller that with a handle that could swivel, so that the could be facing us while he push him, but we didn't have the money for that at the time and now it seems like a waste to have two strollers. Le sigh.


Our son is a speed crawler and LOVES to cruise along furniture as well. He has actually already started to fuss when we're out and about because he wants to be put down and allowed to explore. We clearly aren't going to let him crawl around on the floor at the mall or whatever, but it has made outings more of a challenge. He is a very active little guy and has been since the womb, and we know that he's eventually going to be running ALL over the place. I think we are going to end up being those parents who use the dreaded leash.

Honestly, I have never judged parents who do this. I really don't think anything of it unless the parent is physically YANKING their child around by it. I would always rather be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to my kid. Anything could happen in a public place. He could run into the road when we're out. He could get snatched by some crazy kid-napper. He could dart off in the split second that I turn around to get something out of the diaper bag and end up getting lost. I just don't think I'd be willing to take that risk.

So judge away, but I'm almost positive that unless my son undergoes a major personality change in the next couple months, when he starts to walk, he'll be wearing one of these when we're out in public.

 And I'd rather look bad to other nosey passers-by than have something happen to my kid. So sue me.



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