>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Home Front: My neighbours are still ridiculously loud and trashy. There is still daily screaming, cursing and fighting, and weekly visits from cops. I overheard (from where I was eaves-dropping--if I have to put up with their noise I should at least get some good gossip) that the woman across from me is on parole, and that the woman downstairs has had her children removed from her before.

Here's my question: Do I have the right to judge? I feel like The Hubbs and I just had unfortunate timing regarding School + Baby, and we're paying for it by living alongside criminals, derelects and deadbeats.

My Mom: She's not doing much better. We went over to help cook and clean the other day, and she was really tired and weak. She tried to admit herself back into the psych ward, and they said things weren't bad enough yet. Nice, huh? They want to wait until she has another complete psychotic break from reality and THEN they'll help her. I am blind with rage.



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