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>> Friday, January 1, 2010

An itemized list of what my son got for his first Christmas. . .
A record for his baby book :)

From mom and dad:
Tradition Starters
Traditional Christmas eve PJs
Traditional Baby's First Christmas Ornament
A stocking with 2009 embroidered on it

Toys and Clothes:
Onesies from Daddy's school
Wooden stacking rings

inflatable roller ball
push and spin top
squeaky plush hammer
teeny stuffed animals from IKEA

beautiful baby quilt
animal sounds playmat
wrist and sock rattles

Barenaked Ladies Snacktime CD

The Tooth BookThe Tooth Book (Bright and Early Books for Beginning Beginners)
The Foot BookThe Foot Book
Hop on PopHop on Pop (Beginner Books(R))
The Night Before ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas (Tenth Anniversary Edition)
God Must Really Love OppositesGod Must Really Love . . . OPPOSITES! (God Must Really Love...)
The Alphabet Book
Maman, Je T'aime
Papa, Je T'aime

From his aunts and uncles:
-A shirt
-brown leather shoes
-Gap onesies
-A musical, light up teether
-a corduroy pageboy cap that matches his daddy's

From his GiGi:
Key ring teethers with spaces to put photos of family members
A learning snail

Lion King pop-up book
Pooh and Friends board book

From his Grandpa T:
A glow in the dark teddy bear

From his Oma and Grandpa:
Learning Curve woofing dog
A dinosaur sleeper
The Angel and the Lamb (A Story for Christmas)

Edit: In January, thanks to a snafu with the post office, Baboo finally got his gifts from The Hubbs dad and step-mom. They sent a $100 Sears giftcard, which we're going to use to get him a Jolly Jumper Jolly Jumper with Stand. The kid loves to jump, so we're excited for it to no longer be on us. His aunts and uncle, who are 6 and 3 years old, sent a RollipopEdushape Rollipop Starter Set, which so far Boo just enjoys taking apart. They also sent the Cadillac of sippy cups, the Born Free Trainer Cup, which is awesome because the other two types of sippy cups Baboo has he can never get anything out of. The spout on this one is made out of nipple material to get him used to drinking from a cup. He loves it! Born Free Trainer Cup Colors Vary

Well, its clear that Baboo got spoiled rotten, but The Hubbs and I didn't make out too bad ourselves!

My Gifts:
From my husband, who really did put a tremendous amount of effort into my gift this year, I got a new camera, which I have already raved about on here. The Canon 30D usually goes for upwards of $1300 new, and my wonderful, wonderful husband searched Ebay for me every day and bid on every. single. one until he managed to win an auction and get it for--drumroll please--$105! I am so impressed with his persistence! I love that man.

As if that wasn't enough, he also went into a jewelry store, by himself, with no prompting from me whatsoever, and picked out these gorgeous white gold hoop earrings, which he gave to me from Baboo. I was, again, so surprised! I put them on immediately, I love them!

I also got One Tree Hill season 1, because even though I am an adult, I still enjoy watching shows about high school students. Well, no one's perfect, right?

My stocking was stuffed with Blackberry Vanilla bath products, a tin of cashews, Jolly Ranchers, and Gummy Worms! The Hubbs did good!

The Hubbs Gifts:
 I got my husband a subscription to National Geographic, which was no easy feat. I thought I'd be on top of things and order it back in October, but that meant that they actually started delivering the magazine in October. . .and November. . .and December. Whoops. So I was basically guarding the mailbox for three months, trotting down there several times a day to make sure that he didn't accidentally discover any of the issues. I hid them and wrapped them and he had a few to read on Christmas day!

I also got him an I-pod shuffle, to replace the I-pod that I got him for our first wedding anniversary that got stolen. I'm aware that it's not a fancy I-phone and that it doesn't play video or write term papers or mow the lawn or whatever the newest I-pod is doing these days, but it does play music, and we're on a budget, so that's good enough.

From Our Sweet Baboo, he got onesies with his school logo on them so they can match (think of the photo ops!) and a customized Starbucks tumbler with photos of the two of them on it. He was very touched by both gifts.

In his stocking was oreo sippers, which he used to drink his egg nog, a word of the day calendar, a book of Soduko, a bottle of Whiskey and a few packs of gum.

I'd say we all made out pretty well this Christmas. Now it's snowing, and I'm off to start my 365-photo challenge by getting a photo of my baby making his first snow angel! Peace out!



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