My guilty pleasure: The Bachelor

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm not going to lie or apologize. I love that show. I used to experience shame because of it, but I'm over that. Yes, its ridiculous. No, nobody (with the glaring exception of Trista and Ryan) ever actually stays together. But it's dramatic and funny and it gives me a chance to vicariously experience dates that I will likely never go on in my life (ziplining in Hawaii? Helicopter rides over France? I am not a Rockerfeller). And aside from all that stuff, it is not nice to talk about people that you know in real life behind their backs. But you can totally do it when you're watching people on a reality show because, let's face it, what do they expect? I can make fun of them all I want, and that is probably the number one reason why I watch the Bachelor--even though after Brad rejected both Jenni and DeAnna, I swore I'd never watch that show again. And then when Jason picked Melissa, and then dumped her for Molly, I vowed the same thing. And hell, I'll probably end up pissed at the end of this season and say the same thing again. But you'll know not to take me seriously. Because the show is just too entertaining and addictive to give up. I spend my days inside an 800 square foot box, I got to get my thrills where I can, you know?

One of the best parts of watching The Bachelor are my husband's sarcastic comments throughout the episode. He says that its the only way he can make it through the show, though this season he admits that he actually likes Jake for sending home the airheads and putting crazy Michelle in a cab for repeatedly saying she wanted to go home, just so he'd beg her to stay.

Here are a few of my favourites from The Hubb's repertoire of hilarious comments. We'll call this Hubby Words of Wisdom, The Bachelor Edition:

When asked if he thought Vienna was attractive (trick question, haha):
Vienna looks like a Zombie. A Zombie with $40,000 teeth. Do you think the other girls don't like her because they're racist towards the undead? Is that racism?

In reference to Michelle, who got sent home last week for demanding to kiss Jake and then getting upset because she'd known him for TWO WHOLE WEEKS and the kiss wasn't long enough:

You'd think that by now they'd have reached the end of the supply of attractive women who are crazy.

In reference to the fact that Jake is so afraid of heights that he was CRYING when he had to go bungee jumping on his date with Vienna (though that could have also been due to his fear of toothy zombies):

"Isn't  he a PILOT!? Would you want the guy who's flying your plane to be up in the cockpit clutching the hand of the stewardess and bawling like a little girl?"

Stop by next week for more sarcastic comments from my husband!


MrsXoxo1598 January 26, 2010 at 3:49 PM  

this was hilarious!! (i actually gave you 2 funnies, i apologize :/

your hubby sounds just like mine, "oh my God babe i can't believe you watch this garbage... pause it so i can use the restroom." lol. oh and the sarcastic comments, LOVE them! can't wait to check back in next week ;)


Mama Kat January 26, 2010 at 6:44 PM  

Oh my gosh he's awesome! My sister's husband is like that...just can drop one liners with a perfectly straight face like it's nothing.

The Mom Jen January 26, 2010 at 7:53 PM  

LOVE IT, my hubs and I drink wine and crack eachother up each week! HILARIOUS! Here from Mama Kat's, I recap too! ;)

Samantha @ Mama Notes January 27, 2010 at 10:45 AM  

your beginning paragraph sounds JUST like me. I could have wrote it, seriously.

I say I'm never going to watch this show, especially after Jason I SWORE I hated this show. It's not nice, etc etc but I still watch it and love it :)


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