Turn Your Face Into The Sun

>> Monday, November 16, 2009

To My Sweet Baboo,
In honour of your first night falling asleep all by yourself.
Mama put you in your pack n play bassinet in mom and dad's room, swaddled all cozy, and turned on your Seahorse. I sat down on the floor where you could see me, and your eyes went back and forth from the light, to my face. You listened to the tinkly music, watched the glow, and I was expecting that when the 5 minutes were up you would cry and I would bring you to bed with me. Only you didn't--your eyes got heavy, and then you let them close and you fell asleep. Mama was so proud of you! You slept on your own for almost four hours.

What I want to talk to you about, though, is the light. I have noticed that you love it. We used to have a night light in our bedroom to make it easier for us to see you when you woke up at night. We had to get rid of it because instead of going back to sleep, you would twist your body until you could see it, and then just stare at it for ages.

In the wee hours of the morning, when the light starts shining through the windows, you turn away from me and turn to face the sun.

At night, if we are watching TV and you are sleeping beside us and wake up, your eye immediately goes towards the glow of the tube, and we turn it off until you're asleep again.

If there's a light around, you'll find it. And I want to encourage you to live your life that way.

Don't focus on the bad, the dark, the shadows in this world. Listen to the music (even if you have to make your own!), and look towards the light. Be guided by the glow. Turn towards the sun.

Love, Mama



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