First Date: Take Two

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

I blogged here about how on our anniversary, we were supposed to go on a date, and then it kinda fell through because we had no one reliable and safe to watch Our Sweet Baboo. Well, last week our date night finally happened, and the fact that it has taken me this long to write about it should tell you something lol.

Our far too ambitious plan was "alone time", then lunch at The Keg, then a movie. Only by the time my mom came to pick up our son (my grandma was baby-sitting with her, so we didn't have to worry), we were starving.  We decided to change things around. First lunch, then alone time, then movie. We would go to lunch around the corner from our house, then swing home, and then see Where The Wild Things Are in my mom's neighbourhood so as soon as it was over we could go collect Baboo. But when we got to the Keg (all dressed up, freshly showered, miraculously shaven and wearing cologne/perfume), they were closed. CLOSED! Apparently they are only open after 5 pm? Who can afford not to cater to the lunch crowd in this economy!?

So we needed some time to figure out what to do, and decided that we'd use that time to get some Christmas shopping done. So we went to a nearby store and persued our options, while looking for Christmas PJs for Baboo, which we didn't find, by the way. We did however find a Baby's First Christmas ornament and a nativity scene. . .and I picked up a pamphlet on breakfast with Santa, which we'll be taking our son to instead of an overcrowded, swine-fluey mall to get his Santa pictures taken. But I digress. (Which is kind of an indication of how our date went.)

So, we decided we'd try The Keg over in my mom's neighbourhood, then go to the movie, then we'd pick up Our Baboo, put him to sleep and then have alone time over a bottle of champagne. (Canadian champagne--we are not Rockerfellers). Only The Keg by my mom's house wasn't open either. Sigh. So we wound up at--wait for it--Applebees. Nice, huh? We did however each get an appetizer, an entree and a dessert for $14, so it wasn't a total loss, right? Right???

We enjoyed lunch, though halfway through I did need to make a rule that we wouldn't talk about the baby anymore. Or how much we missed him. And that rule went into effect right after I called my mom to make sure he was okay.

Then we went to the movie theatre, all set to see Where The Wild Things Are (hot, I know). But it wasn't showing until 6:40, and Baboo gets really cranky and needs to be physically attached to me from the hours of 5:30 pm on. Nothing remotely interesting was playing any time soon, so we decided to hang out at the mall instead. Like teenagers. And I don't think I need to tell you that we spent a large chunk of that time in Mastermind Toys, looking for Christmas presents for our Baboo. Then we nipped into the Dollar store, where I picked up some table cloths to use as photography backdrops for when I photograph Baboo.  .  .I think you see where this is going. We spent the entire day talking about/shopping for our baby, who we missed, and who might as well have come with us since we wound up at Applebees and didn't see a movie.

(Backdrop in Effect!)

We went to pick him up, and my father was holding him, which really upset me. I have no idea why he's always hanging around the house when they're supposed to be separated? My mom gave Baboo to him to hold because she said he was shrieking and she couldn't walk him around anymore because of her back, and neither could my grandma because, well, she's 82. My mom was upstairs lying on her massage bed when we got there because her back was killing her, so my father was essentially left alone with my son, which is a huge no-no. Had I known he would be there, we probably would have cancelled the whole thing.

Then we came home, and Baboo was super clingy because he'd just been away from us for 6 hours, which is the longest amount of time I've been separated from him in his life. So our alone time didn't happen. Plus, he cried the whole way home and we didn't have the heart to stop for champagne when he was upset.

So here is what I have concluded:

1) We are happier doing things as a family.
2) We aren't going on any more dates until we can find a baby-sitter who is in good health and can be trusted.
3) When we do leave him, we are going to be back by The Witching Hour because I hate the idea of him screaming and me not being there. Especially since all I have to do to get him to stop is hold him. No one else can do that.

So our next big goal is to find a baby-sitter.
And get them to ban smoking in condos/apartments/etc.
And finish my schoolwork/write my exam.
And make mom friends.
Progress reports on all of the above to follow.



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