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>> Sunday, October 4, 2009

So we went to church today, for the first time in our Sweet Baboo's entire life. Kinda sad for people who profess to love Jesus. A few weeks ago we actually went to church, but since we moved we're going to a different one than we're used to. My mom told us it started at 11, so we showed up promptly at 11:05, only to discover that it really started at 10 and service was half over. We were too embarassed to go in so late, so we sat out in the lobby and drank coffee while our baby slept.

Two weeks after that we were determined to go again, but our car was in the shop. My mom said she'd come pick us up, but her car had absolutely zero gas. She needed someone to take her to the gas station to fill up the canister and bring it back to the house so she could fill up the car. There was no one who could do it on such short notice, so we didn't go.

But the third time was a charm, and we actually managed it today! We were 15 minutes late, unfortunately, but I'm learning that such in life with a baby. It took me forever to get dressed because Baboo was fussy and wouldn't let me put him down. Then when I finally got dressed and was ready to go, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized that my boobs have become WAY too big for the shirt I was wearing (breastfeeding will do that to you). So I had to scramble around and find something else to wear. Meanwhile, Baboo spat up all over The Hubbs and I tried to find him something else to wear, but the man has shockingly few decent pieces of clothing, so I wound up just wiping him down with a wet wipe. Baboo was fussing in the backrgound the entire time, then needed to eat right when we wanted to go, and the kid has grown AGAIN so we had to adjust the straps of his car seat to handle his newfound height. Whew!

We finally, finally got out of the house (with uncombed hair and breakfastless stomachs) and made it into the service while the songs were still being sung. I have to say it was a very productive visit. Not because I got very much out of the message (I didn't), but because of the following:

1) We ran into my father. This is ordinarily not a good thing, but he's been complaining about how he never sees our Sweet Baboo anymore, so now he's seen him and we don't have to make it happen on our own time.
2) I ran into another new mom, her baby is 2 months old and we worked in the church nursery together before Baboo was born. We exchanged numbers and she is going to hook me up with her playgroups so I don't have to be lonely and sad. Yippee!
3) I also ran into an old, old, old friend of mine--I'm talking my best friend from kindergarten. We exchanged numbers and will hopefully be keeping in touch. It's always great to touch base with the past. I couldn't believe he recognized me after all these years!
4)We booked Baboo's Christening--holla! It's going to be next Sunday, which I know is a crazy short amount of time away. We're having it at my mom's house and we chose that date because the holidays are approaching and it's always impossible to get my whole extended family together for extra events this time of year, well next Sunday is Canadian Thanksgiving so they'll all be at my mom's place anyway--holy run-on sentence, batman!

Now I just need to find my sweet Baboo a Christening outfit, and put together some verses I want read. Pick out a cake, buy some white balloons, put together a short slideshow/video and find a keepsake for him to commemorate this event. Later on he'll be blessed in front of the church (they usually do the infant blessings 3 or 4 at a time), which will be nice. He'll be able to wear the same outfit and we'll get some church pictures.

All in all, things are looking up.
I'm gonna go join the Hubbs in bed (I have bedroom stories to tell in my next post--stay tuned!)

"Church is a scream."



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