Trashy Loud Bitch

>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

I admit that's not a nice thing to call someone, but it's 3:30 in the morning, my baby is refusing to sleep, and my apartment smells like smoke.  So Trashy Loud Bitch it is.

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This TLB moved in across the hall a few weeks ago. It has been just. brutal. She has people coming to her apartment during the day, yelling her name and banging down her door. It sometimes lasts for up to 45 minutes. It's great fun when my kid is asleep and that shit is going down just outside the door. Great fun.

She is constantly yelling. Constantly. Sometimes it's in the middle of the day when her kids are at school and I assume she's talking to someone on the phone. Sometimes it's at someone who is physically there with her, and sometimes its at the poor kiddos themselves. My bathroom gets great accoustics from her apartment. Imagine trying to enjoy a nice relaxing bubble with while some deranged lunatic screams profanity for half an hour.

But worst of all, and totally unforgiveable and unacceptable in my opinion, is the fact that she smokes in the building. I cannot be 100% sure that its her, but I do know that she smokes, and I know that  there was never smoke in here before she moved in. I can only assume that she's to blame. My apartment smells like smoke. This is not okay. I have a baby. Exposure to cigarette smoke increases the chances of SIDS. This is a life and death matter, and one that I cannot ignore.

It's one thing if your personal drama fest is unpleasant to listen to, something else when you have pimps and social workers now frequenting our building (I really have no idea if that's the case but it certainly seems possible), but it's a whole other story when my child's health, safety and life are being endagered because this bitch can't take her butt outside.

And the sad thing is she has children. I think it should be illegal to smoke with children in the house. They did not ask to be poisoned, and they don't deserve it.

I am sick of this trashy, loud bitch, and I have decided that for every time I smell smoke in this building I am going to call my landlord until he either ensures that she stops, or gets the eff out. This was a nice, quiet, family building when we moved in, and I'd like to see it go back to that.

Part of me feels guilty. I want to go into counseling, so maybe I should be befriending this person. Lending an ear to all the troubles she quite obviously has. I don't know her life. Maybe she is a victim of circumstance. The thing is, though, that I can't befriend someone who has dodgy people looking for her all the time. My Sweet Baboo and I could get caught in the crossfire. And I definitely don't want to be friends with someone inconsiderate (though that is much too mild a word) enough to smoke inside and poison everyone else who lives here.

She's gotta go. Trashy Loud Bitch, your time has come. Not to sound elementary or anything, but I'm telling!



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