Night Weaning, Night Three:

>> Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm not exactly sure how to sum up night three. I was so tired that I don't think I have exact time frames for what happened and when. I put him to sleep as usual, and he was fine. 3 and a half hours later he woke up and wanted to nurse. I told him that it was time to sleep, and he could have milk in the morning. He cried, but this time only for five minutes. I thought, score! But two minutes later he was up again, asking for milk. I had stupidly forgotten to refill his sippy with water, so I ventured out to the kitchen to do so. He toddled out after me, and then didn't want to go back to bed. My bad.

The Hubbs played with him for a bit until he got worn out, and then brought him back to bed with me. I handed him his baby doll and told him it was time for him and baby to go to sleep. He settled right in without fussing and went to sleep. He was up every hour and a half after that. Sometimes he squawked, sometimes he just got comfortable and went back to sleep, but he didn't cry.

Sadly, he didn't sleep in the next morning either. He was up at 6. I was not happy. The Hubbs had an 8 am class so he was out the door, and I was home with a cranky tired baby. Ugh. Night three is supposed to be some kind of breakthrough, so I was pretty worried that we had just replaced the habit of nursing back to sleep all night with the habit of getting up to play in the living room.


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