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>> Monday, August 23, 2010

Today I'm going to visit my mom. She really wants to convince my father to sell the house that they can no longer (couldn't ever, really) afford and move to a small bungalow, before the bank makes them do it.

So I am going over laden with boxes, to help her start packing. They have a TON of junk in the basement, and when they do eventually move (either voluntarily or by force), I want most of their stuff to already be packed so they don't have more stress on top of everything else.

I basically told my mom that I think she should just take charge. She should call a realtor, tell him she's selling the house, and just do what she needs to do, regardless of what my father thinks/says/does. Whenever I talk to my mom, she dwells so much on her regrets. The other day we came to the conclusion that most of the things she regrets are not things she did, but  rather things that she allowed my father to do. Things she just went along with, because he wouldn't listen to her. I told her that she can't go back, she can only go forward, so she needs to make sure that she doesn't just agree to stay in the house and let the bank take it, even when she knows that's the wrong thing to do. She needs to take control, and I'm going to help her.

In other news, the father has finally decided that this whole get-rich quick pyramid scheme he's involved in is not working out as he'd hoped.

 He has finally decided to look into going back to school. Since he was in the auto industry, there is a government program that will pay for his schooling and living expenses so that he can re-train. He loathes the idea, but finally realizes that he has no other choice. I am very happy about this. An education is worth so much. If someone offered me a free education I'd jump for joy. I think he's secretly afraid to fail. And it must be embarassing starting completely over at the age of 51. But hey, if he'd finished his degree back when he was in his 20s, he wouldn't be faced with this now. All choices eventually catch up with you.

On to me. I have been applying for jobs every day. Someone asked awhile back what type of work I was looking for. I'm looking for any job related to the human services field. These include (in the order in which I want them):
-Career counselor
-Student services counselor (at a college)
-Recreation co-ordinator (at a community centre)
-Early Childhood Educator (day care, preschool or before and after school program)

These are the types of jobs that I have mostly applied for. I guess because of the recession, there have been a LOT of posting for career counselor type positions, but so far I haven't even been called for an interview.  There have also been a decent amount of postings for the other jobs I've listed. I hope something turns up between now and next fall. Otherwise we'll really have a problem.

As for Our Sweet Baboo, he is doing wonderfully. Allow me to take a second to shamelessly brag about all the adorable things he does:
 He takes my or the Hubbs' keys and goes over to the front door and tries to open it.
He can say Mama, Dada, Night-night, and Banana.
When you say "Yay!" he claps.
When you say "How big is Baboo?" He raises his hands in the air while one of us says "soooo big."
He takes his toothbrush and tries to brush his own teeth.
He takes a brush and tries to brush his own hair.
He can identify his hair, his feet, and his teeth.
He knows when his diaper is getting uncomfortable and will do the sign for diaper, and bring us a new one.

Now on to some of his more frustrating habits:
He insists upon closing the door to his bedroom while he's inside, and then cries because he can't get out.
He persists in taking off my glasses and throwing them across the room.
He refuses to wear a hat outside.
He will not TOUCH a vegetable. Well, that's not true. He'll take a bite, make a face, and then throw it on the floor. Sigh.
He flat out refuses to be weaned. He has stopped taking a bottle altogether and it is driving me bananas.
Everyone says he is the busiest, most active baby they're ever seen.
He wants to get out of his stroller and run around in public, but he refuses to hold our hands, making that impossible.

The Hubbs: He's on the Dean's List again for the summer semester! Woohoo! I am so proud of him :D He is a smart, sexy stud.
I also envy him. While I am SO GLAD that I am finally done school, being a student came with a certain lack of pressure. I could work at a dead-end job in a clothing store or a coffee shop without shame, because this wasn't what I was really doing with my life--I was a student. But now that I'm done, there is a lot of pressure. I need to find a job, and I really, really want it to be at least tangentially related to my field of study. I absolutely MUST have something by next fall. If I haven't found a job that is on the list above by spring, then I am just going to start applying for any job around. It would suck, but I know that I need to find work, and of course I can always keep looking for something in my field while working in retail (barf--no offense to anyone who does this, it's just not for me) or at Starbucks. At least the free coffee would be appealing, and I've heard their benefits are great.

On the downside, I'd have to learn all that fancy coffee speak :/



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