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>> Sunday, August 1, 2010

The kiddo is sick. His nose is runny, and all signs point to a sore throat and headache too. Poor little guy. Last time he was sick, The Hubbs and I were sick as well. We were all sick for weeks and it was terrible. This time, at the outset of the illness, I decided to put together a sick baby & mama kit, so if he takes me down with him, we'll have everything we need to get through the illness right here. There's nothing worse than having to schlep your delirious self to the store and try to decipher which remedies will help you feel better when you feel so bad you can barely stand. Without further ado, the kit:

California Baby Cold & Flu Decongesting Bubble Bath (13.99).: All natural and safe for you and baby.
California Baby Cold & Flu Aromatherapy Bubble Bath - 13 oz.

Budget Alternative: Life Brand Soothing Bubble Bath contains menthol and eucalyptus to clear your sinuses.

Hydra Sense:

You put the bulb inside the baby's nose, and suck on the tube. Sounds gross, but there's a filter inside to make sure you don't get anything unsavory in your mouth. The most effective way I've found to remove baby boogies.

Portable DVD Player: Because if You're bedridden, you might as well be entertained.

Coby TFDVD7008 7-Inch Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player (Black)

Vicks Baby Rub: Will help ease baby's congestion while they sleep, and if you're into infant massage, it'll soothe any sore little muscles.

Vicks Baby Rub Soothing Vapor Ointment - 50 Gm

Crane 2.3 Gallon COOL Mist humidifier

I prefer these to the ones that emit steam, because there's less risk of accidents or injury that way. These simply release cool water droplets into the air to keep your sinuses from getting too dried out.

Del Monte Real Fruit Bars: Nothing soothes a sore throat like a delicious popsicle--especially a guilt-free (and fat free!) one made with real fruit, so it's safe to share with baby.



When my Sweet Baboo is sick, it's one of the only times when he'll just be mellow. To take advantage of that, I make sure to have lots of books around so I can capitalize on the extra snuggle time.

The Going-To-Bed BookGlobal BabiesBaby Signs

I try to skip medicating my baby, but when he has a fever, infant tylenol helps.
Tylenol Acetaminophen Fever Reducer / Pain Reliever Concentrated Infants' Drops, Grape Flavor, 1-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)

And some for me. Because sinus headaches are a bitch.

Tylenol Cold Head Congestion Day/Night Cool Burst Caplets, 20-Count (Pack of 2)

If the bedroom becomes boring and you need a change of scenery, a cozy throw in the living room is a must. This 100% cashmere blanket is only $99.00 from Amazon.

Luxuriuos 100% Cashmere Throw Soft Elegant and Warm 50" X 60" Color: Choc Brown

Budget Alternative: The super soft BLASTIS blanket from Ikea is only $9.99.

Get Well Soon!



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